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by Genghis


Introspection toward one's own artistic process is a fascinating exercise. Creativeness in street photography is an often mysterious and amorphous entity, shrouded in folds of overlapping urges and flows, starts and stops. While we all have periods where we are more creative and motivated than other times, I can say this about myself. It is the structure of getting out there in the street and becoming engaged in thinking about and composing street pictures, that allows my creativity to come to the surface. Some may have to feel creative in order to get into the streets to shoot. With me, it's just the opposite. Hitting the street switches my mental gears until I'm in final drive, ready to compose and shoot with a fresh mind's eye. I'm out there seeing and creating once I'm out the door.

Central to my street shooting creativity, is The Walk. It is the walk that opens up my mind's eye to the possibilities. It is the route of The Walk that dictates the fate of man meets subject matter. Every walk has a sequence, in which the world at large unfolds before my eye, where fortuitous circumstance lends me it's ear. It is through the street world's ear, that I hear the music---a music that only I can hear---that I want to transpose into a visual interpretation. Since The Walk is so important, I will let this particular walk play the music for you. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With these nine pictures that I'm showing you in the same sequence in which I exposed them, there will be a song of nine thousand words. See the pictures---hear the music. Here is what I saw, and what I heard: